Silicon Islands

Dedicated to the development of blockchain.

100% owned by Westcoast Innovation.

Subsidiaries and Partners.

Internet Music Sweden

The Swedish branch of Internet Music, fully owned and branded under WestCoast Innovation (biföretag).

Inbound Marketing West

The groups marketing company, fully owned and branded under WestCoast Innovation (biföretag).


MedicalBlocks enables patients with one-stop-shop access to their medical history across multiple providers: smart contracts on MedicalBlocks aggregate data pointers (references to medical records that are stored elsewhere) into “patient-provider relationships.”


By building upon the blockchain technology developed in Internet Music Westcoast Innovation offers efficient administration of patents and trademarks. We are already building a supstantial portefolio of patents and trademarks.

Inbound Marketing West

Be found, be seen, be successful...

Inbound Marketing West is designed to provide an affordable solution to access the 21st century online market. By cleverly interfacing with all current social networking and major marketing channels
Inbound Marketing West is able to give our clients unparalleled access to the widest possible global markets.